Medjimurje project

In the summer of 2016, INA launched test gas production at two gas production fields – Vuckovec and Zebanec. The Vukanovec production field will follow early in 2017. The commercially recoverable gas volumes are estimated at roughly 1 billion m³, to be produced by 2024. This increase in INA’s total domestic gas production is significant both for the company and for Croatia.

The foundations for new production were laid following the successful implementation of the Medjimurje project, in which works on building the necessary mining and accompanying facilities were completed in two years. Five production wells were drilled and equipped, and 100km of new pipelines were built, including 73km of the evacuation gas pipeline used to transport the gas produced in Medjimurje to the Central Gas Station Molve for further processing and purifying.

The successful implementation of the Medjimurje project, in which INA invested HRK 450 million, also means the return of hydrocarbon production to Medjimurje after 25 years.

INA’s gas production in Medjimurje is in synergy with the company’s oil production in Moslavina. The carbon dioxide separated from the Medjimurje gas will no longer be released to atmosphere, but instead be shipped via the pipeline to the Zutica and Ivanic oil fields, where it will be re-injected in oil wells to help produce additional oil volumes as part of the EOR project.

The closed production system used in the Medjimurje facilities is important for environmental protection, which is in line with INA’s commitment to sustainable development to the benefit of all the stakeholders.