Seasonal offer

Explore Croatia – take a Croatian souvenir

Every travel is an experience bringing a lot of memories and together with all photos, videos and recollections, we also take pleasure in souvenirs reminding us of places we have been to and they can also be a nice gift.

Therefore, INA has included an offer of souvenirs at selected retail sites. The souvenirs genuinely represent a piece of Croatia, whether you choose a famous gingerbread heart locally called “licitar”, original wooden cutlery and useful items, homemade brandy in interesting decorative bottles, must-have totes, ceramic cups, fridge magnets, etc. The range of souvenirs is available at 23 retail sites and if you are nearby, stop at retail site Vukova Gorica on motorway A1 – the only motorway souvenir shop in Croatia, which also has the best offer.