Become a part of INA’s team

INA expects its employees to show maximum effort, take initiative and risk, adapt to changes, make decisions, cooperate and work in a team, quickly exchange information, exhibit trust and respect for customers, suppliers and co-workers, take responsibility, participate in joint campaigns, and track work performance.

We encourage a continuous development of competences and internal knowledge transfer

Apart from major accomplishments in exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and gas, in its 50-year history INA also has a rich legacy and culture of internal knowledge and experience sharing between co-workers and associates. Knowledge transfer from different areas can be accessed through the in-house platform INA Akademija.
We invest in our employees and promote development at several levels:

  • Expert technical knowledge,
  • Talent development,
  • Management development,
  • Innovative learning methods for all employees.

We acknowledge our best employees

​In INA we have a work performance management system, a powerful and advanced tool that changes our organisational culture, from low-level workers to top management. This system allows awarding those workers who reach and exceed the expected work performance, while encouraging regular feedback.

We care about our employee’s wellbeing

Apart from physical health, workers’ wellbeing implies a balanced emotional, physical and social life, as well as finance and career. In line with the company’s strategy, and keeping up with the many modern international practices, INA’s platform BeneFIT integrates a number of benefits contributing to a comprehensive care for health and wellbeing.

Satisfaction and engagement of our employees is important to us

We in INA measure our employees’ engagement and satisfaction through a survey conducted every two years. It provides relevant feedback, allowing the company’s management to improve change management and gain a better understanding of what their employees feel and think, so they could take adequate action.

We have been granted a number of certificates, acknowledgments and awards

For more details please refer to our annual report.